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#Kolkata: Two rails and two rules in it Passengers spent the day in extreme confusion about when the last local would leave Several passengers were also injured in the rush to catch the last local train from Howrah in the afternoon. Because they knew then that the last locomotive would leave the South Eastern Railway branch at 5:05 pm Passengers also protested at the RPF office for not getting the train Rail blockade also started at Dasnagar station Last Local Train Timing.

On Sunday, the state government announced that the last local train would leave at 7 pm Confusion started when the last local will leave According to Eastern Railway, the last local will leave all the stations at 7 pm But the Southeastern Railway has decided that all local trains on its branch will end at 7 pm or earlier. Accordingly, at 5.05 pm on the same day, the last Pashkura local left Howrah.

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The passengers were confused that the last train would leave at Kata Many of them thought that the train would run till 7 in the evening As a result, many did not get the last local train to Pashkura After that the passenger protest started at Howrah station Demonstrations were also held at the RPF office as well as the station master’s office Passengers claim, where the Eastern Railway is running up to seven trains, why not the South Eastern Railway walk the same route? The thought of returning home caused anxiety in the throats of the passengers

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The same picture was also in different stations of Sealdah branch Many people hurried out of the office to catch the train Many trains were more crowded than on other days, with thumbs up to the 50 per cent passenger rule. One person was even injured when the crowd got on the train and fell at Dumdum station

Navanna amended Sunday’s guidelines to allow local trains to run until 10pm, keeping in mind the plight of passengers. Among the passengers who were relieved by this directive of the state government Confusion throughout the day, the question of commuters after suffering, this guide could not have been informed in advance?

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