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Allegations of fake votes in the Assembly, Speaker took the vote by counting the heads – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Voting on the bill to increase the retirement age of the Vice-Chancellor of the Agricultural University from 65 to 60 is again a miscalculation. Biman Bandopadhyay, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, got the result of the calculation done in EVM. Opposition leaders Shuvendu Adhikari and Mihir Goswami cast their ballots. As soon as this information came to hand, Bimanbabu was heard to say from the speaker’s chair, how did Shuvendu get the vote? Opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari has been suspended from the last budget session. For that reason, there are no expelled 6 BJP MLAs including Shuvendu in the current Badal session of the Legislative Assembly which started on June 10. During the passing of the Acharya Bill on 12 May, there was a commotion as a result of the vote. Standing in the assembly, Shuvendu also accused the ruling party of rigging the assembly polls. Finally, after the recount, the Speaker stated that there was an error in the declaration of the vote by a senior official of the Legislative Assembly.

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However, the BJP claimed that the Speaker was compelled to change the fake results under the pressure of Shuvendu’s threat. The BJP has avoided voting in the last two days, despite opposing the government’s bill in the Assembly. The BJP had made it clear that it would not take part in the “fraudulent” polls. Before presenting the Agriculture University bill today, the Speaker withdrew the suspension of 6 BJP MLAs including Shuvendu. And, he said, suspended legislators can also take part in voting on the bill if they wish. However, Shuvendu did not come to the assembly premises today as he was busy with the pre-arranged party program in Kulpi of South 24 Parganas. However, Mihir Goswami, a BJP MLA from Natabari, was sitting in the Leader of the Opposition’s house watching a picture of the session on a TV screen during the voting.

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However, in the Speaker’s announcement, surprisingly, the names of Shuvendu and Mihir were cast in the EVM polls. Minister Arup Biswas and Chandrima Bhattacharya, on the one hand, raised allegations of cross-voting against the BJP over the voting of Shuvendu and Mihir, who were absent from the assembly, while Biman was trying to handle the situation by saying that the counting of votes in EVMs could have been a mistake. Speaking about the votes of Shuvendu and Mihir sitting in his house in the assembly, the speaker said that surely one of them had mistakenly cast his vote from their EVM. Otherwise the device will not give wrong information. The BJP is vocal in counter-protest. BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul said that the Trinamool had deliberately voted for the proxy vote to tarnish their image. Finally, instead of relying on electronic voting machines, the Speaker started calling school legislators by the names of BJP MLAs. As a result, out of 183 votes, BJP got 53 and Trinamool got 119 votes. ISF MLA Nowshad Siddiqui did not vote even when he was present.

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