Kolkata: The coldest day of the season is in Kolkata. The minimum temperature dropped below 15 degrees on Tuesday. However, the western hurricane barrier is still in the north wind. The possibility of winter flares up at the beginning of Poush as soon as the western storm subsides. There is a fog warning for the next two days That is what the Meteorological Department (West Bengal Weather Update) said

Sanjeev Bandyopadhyay, the eastern director of the Meteorological Department, said on Tuesday, “The north wind will blow. Cool and dry air will blow. The temperature is likely to be below normal. In the next few days, the temperature in Kolkata will be around 14 degrees. The temperature in the district will be 2 degrees lower This winter spell will last for another three or four days (Kolkata Weather).

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In just two days, the temperature in Kolkata dropped to four degrees. Today, Tuesday, the minimum temperature in Kolkata is 14.2 degrees Celsius Which is 1 degree below normal. The minimum temperatures for the last two days were 15.1 degrees Celsius and 16.2 degrees Celsius respectively.

Meanwhile, the winter mood has increased in North Bengal. Today, more mercury will descend in the district of South Bengal on Tuesday. The district temperature will be around 12 degrees. Winter weather will continue throughout Bengal. The effect of clear skies and northerly winds will maintain the winter mood for the next few days. The situation will remain the same in the state for the next three to four days. According to meteorologists, winter conditions may be created at the beginning of Poush.

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Already the western storm is affecting the states of north-western India. More cool winds will blow in the state after the storm blows from the east. At that time, the awkward situation of winter may be created all over the state. In the next few days, there will be dew and fog in different districts of the state. There may be thick fog somewhere in North Bengal. Visibility can be greatly reduced.

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