#Kolkata: There were 6 Bengali vegetarian items in the menu But at the dinner at Sourav’s house, Union Home Minister Amit Shah tasted Dhokar Dalna. According to the source, the Union Home Minister has eaten Dhoka Dalna four times while sitting down to eat

Amit Shah arrived at Saurabh’s violin house at 8.58 pm on Friday He was accompanied by BJP leaders like Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, BJP state president Sukant Majumder and MP Swapan Dasgupta. Coming down, Saurabh himself welcomed Amit Shah with a wreath

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After entering the house, Shah প্রথমে spoke lightly with Saurabh for a while Apart from fellow BJP leaders, Snehashis Gangopadhyay was also present He also met Nirupadevi, the mother of Sourav After that, BJP leaders including Amit Shah sat down for dinner Saren Saurav and Snehashis also had dinner with them Donna herself took charge of the service

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As Amit Shah was a vegetarian, various vegetarian positions were organized Rice, bread and lentils were served with potato dumplings, dal makhani, dhokar dalna, cheese, vegetable cutlets. According to the source, Amit has a special taste in Dhokar Dalna even after tasting all the verses. He ate more than cheating four times Finally, Shahi Bhoj 6 is completed with Rasgolla, Cashew Ice, Sweet Yogurt

It is learned that all the posts for the Union Home Minister are being cooked under the supervision of Nirupa Gangopadhyay, the mother of Sourav. Amit Shah praised the cooking while eating with satisfaction He left Sourav’s house at 8.50 pm after dinner Sourav himself came down and said goodbye to the Union Home Minister

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