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Amitabh Bachchan’s popular show in the name of cheating trap! Jamtara gang behind the scenes? – News18 Bangla


Kolkata: The more modern the internet technology is, the more cyber fraud is spreading. Again a new kind of deception trap came to the fore. Detectives investigating (Bangla News).

‘Hello. I am calling from Kaun Banega Crorepati. WhatsApp number lottery is held all over India. Your number has come up. Your WhatsApp number has won the lottery worth Tk 25 lakh. ‘ This audio message is reaching the customer’s phone.

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Be careful! Didn’t you get this kind of message on your WhatsApp number? Then know. It is a trap of deception.

How to cheat?

An audio clip is suddenly appearing on WhatsApp. That being said, the name of a popular show of Amitabh Bachchan. Then it is said that the number of the concerned customer has gone up in the lottery, he has won 25 lakh rupees. To get the money, you need to contact the WhatsApp number of the manager of the state-owned bank. The next step is to get the money from that manager only through voice call. Before that you have to pay Rs. 12,100 for tax. Mentioning the manager of the state-owned bank, the picture and WhatsApp number are being given to the customers

Pictures with SBI logo and dummy checks are also being sent. According to one of the complainants, sometimes a phone call comes from a virtual number and sometimes from a private number. It is being asked to send through bank transfer as soon as possible to get Rs 25 lakh won in the lottery and Rs 12,100 as tax.

The trap of cheating is named after a popular television show of Amitabh Bachchan. State-owned banks are being mentioned to gain the trust of customers.

Cyber ​​expert Sandeep Sengupta said that virtual numbers are now easily available online. This makes it difficult to easily identify fraudsters. However, with the modern technology that the police have, it is not impossible to identify the fraudsters. Soumya Dutt, a spokesman for the Officers’ Association of state-owned banks, said: It’s the work of complete fraudsters. Customers need to be more vigilant. Former police chief Ajay Mukherjee is optimistic about the police investigation. Almost every day new complaints of such fraud are being lodged in Lalbazar.

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The Cyber ​​Crime Division of Kolkata Police has also started investigation. The inter-state fraud cycle is already coming up in the investigation. The Jamtara gang is adept at such deceptions. The Jamtara gang is now in the eyes of the detectives.


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