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And who will call the father says … The only child Soham chose the extreme path before Father’s Day Engineering student of Kolkata Kasba commits suicide allegedly for parents scolding – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Prohibition on playing online games? Refuse to play cricket with friends? Suicide boy after reprimanding his parents! The shocking incident took place on Sarat Ghosh Garden Road in Kasba. Sobam Basu, an engineering student in Kasba, committed suicide on Saturday afternoon. According to police sources, the deceased was identified as Soham Basu, 21 years old.

Friends came to Kasba Sarat Ghosh Garden Road home on Saturday afternoon. Soham was called to play cricket. But then the parents at home said, the final exam ahead, so do not go to play. Soham was also asked why he plays online games at night. It is also forbidden to play games Soham and his friends scolded his parents. Then the friends left the house. After a while, Soham’s parents left home for work. After a while, he returned home at 2:15 in the afternoon. He saw Soham Basu’s body hanging in the room. Police 7 was informed Then the police of Kasba police station came and recovered Soham’s hanging body.

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No suicide note matched, police claim. Soham is a second year student of Electronic Commercial Engineering at a private college in New Delhi. Soham’s father said, “Two friends come to the house to call Saham to play cricket. Then Soham’s mother forbade him to go to play. They are not allowed to play online games at night. The boy’s hanging body. “

Suicidal Sohm Suicidal Sohm

Everyone from the bereaved family to the neighbors. The initial guess of the police is that the boy has committed suicide due to the quarrels of his parents The body has been sent for autopsy. Neighbors were also shocked by the incident. No one in the neighborhood can accept that the boy who committed suicide for Bakuni. The question is, is it a crime to reprimand your child for having an exam? Question: Wakibhal Mahal.

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