#Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court has set a deadline to complete the investigation into Anis Khan’s death. It has been directed that the entire investigation should be completed within one month. The forensic report has been directed to be submitted to the SIT within 14 days. Justice Rajasekhara Mantha gave the order.

On the same day, Justice Mantha said, “The SIT will conduct the greatest investigation,” the state’s Advocate General assured. With that in mind, the High Court will wait until the end of the investigation. The court will then look into the matter and consider the poison of interference. ”The next hearing in the Anis Khan death case is on April 18.

Anis Khan, a student leader, died at his home in Amatya, Howrah. The report of the SIT or Special Investigation Team was submitted to the Calcutta High Court and a copy was also given to the lawyers of the deceased’s family. Student leader Anis Khan’s second autopsy report has already arrived.

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The Calcutta High Court on Monday directed the state police to hold an inquiry into the incident. Justice Rajasekhara Mantha further said that for the time being, the state police will investigate Anis’ death. The judge observed, “The state police is no less than anyone in the world, if no one interrupts them.”

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However, investigators have been asked to submit a forensic report within a week. Police have also been instructed to investigate with transparency and without being affected in any way. Anis Khan’s body was autopsied for the second time as per the court order. The court had earlier said that the viscera sample should be preserved after the autopsy. And that will be in the presence of a district judge. At the same time, the mobile phone of Anis has to be sent to CFSL under the supervision of the district judge.

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