Anjana Basu and Sabyasachi Dutta: BJP leader at Sabyasachi Dutt’s house! Top speculation about the Gerua-star

#Kolkata: Many in state politics call him Mukul Roy’s general. Sabyasachi Dutta once joined the BJP after overcoming the illusion of the grassroots with the help of that Mukul Roy. He also lost to Sujit Basu of the Trinamool Congress from the Bidhannagar constituency in the Assembly polls. On the same day that Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as MLA after winning the Bhabanipur by-election, such a savvy Dutt Dutt has returned to his old home. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee herself has announced her return to the grassroots. As a result, Sabyasachi has returned to the party on a solid foundation, like a section of the political establishment. And in that sabyasachi Dutt’s house is BJP leader and actress Anjana Basu!

On the day of Lakshmipujo on Wednesday, Anjana Basu met at the house of Sabyasachi Dutt in Salt Lake. The presence of the BJP leader in the house of a leader who had just returned to the grassroots during Pujo has caused a stir in state politics. So is the Gerua camp going to break up again? The BJP relied heavily on star faces in the last assembly elections. According to that source, Gerua Shibir gave ticket to Anjana Basu from Sonarpur South Center. But Anjana lost to Trinamool star face, actress Lovely Maitra. Since then, he has not been seen as a member of the BJP.

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Then suddenly Anjana met Dutt at Sabyasachi Dutt’s house. The speculation started from then. Is Anjana Basu going to come to the grassroots this time? However, he or Sabyasachi Dutt has not yet opened his mouth in this regard. However, the speculation does not stop there. The BJP had fielded a bunch of Tollywood faces before the Assembly polls. Among them, Gerua Shibir also gives tickets to Anjana Basu like Yash, Sravanti, Parno, Payel. Like everyone else, he lost. Some in the political arena claim that the BJP is becoming less and less star-studded since the results of the polls were announced. Like Sumon Bandyopadhyay, the face of TV has already left the team. In the meantime, Anjana’s arrival at Sabyasachi Dutt’s house gave a new lease of life.

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