#Kolkata: In the end, is Anubrat Mandal facing CBI in cattle smuggling case? That possibility has increased since the Trinamool’s Birbhum district president arrived in Kolkata on Tuesday afternoon According to sources, the Trinamool leader may visit the CBI office at Nizam’s Palace on Wednesday morning.

The CBI has summoned Anubrat Mandal for the fifth time in the cattle smuggling case According to the summons, he was asked to report to the CBI office at Nizam’s Palace on April 6 at one o’clock tomorrow. Earlier, Anubrat had avoided appearing at the CBI office every time Trinamool leader 7 avoided attending by showing the cause of physical illness

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Anubrat had applied to the Calcutta High Court for protection before appearing before the CBI. The High Court dismissed that application After that, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) summoned Anubrat again

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At the moment, the Trinamool Congress has given the responsibility of holding the Lok Sabha by-election in Asansol. Despite his busy schedule, he is expected to appear at the CBI office in Kolkata.

Anubrat came to a flat in Chinar Park near New Town that evening. However, Dordandapratap Trinamool leader of Birbhum did not comment in front of the media In addition to the cattle smuggling case, the CBI had also summoned Anubrat in a post-poll violence case. He has not yet faced the CBI in that case either

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