#Kolkata: After 15 long days, Anubrata Mondal, district Trinamool president of Birbhum, was discharged from Woodburn ward of SSKM Hospital. No, he was not discharged from the hospital. Instead, he was taken out of Woodburn Ward for physical examination and taken to Ramrikdas Harlalka Hospital in Bhabanipur. There the angiogram is of the grassroots leader. After that test, he was taken back to SSKM.

Incidentally, Anubrat Mandal was admitted to SSKM Hospital on April 8 with various physical ailments including chest pain. He was scheduled to appear before the CBI on the same day. But suddenly the Trinamool leader turned the car and went to SSKM. He was admitted there. He has been undergoing treatment there since then.

In the meantime, several lung tests have been performed. But doctors said the condition was not good. According to hospital sources, the chest pain of the Trinamool Birbhum district president has not abated yet. So this time Anubrat Mandal was taken to Ramrikdas Harlalka Hospital to do city NGO.

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Ramrikdas was taken out of Woodburn Ward on Wednesday and taken to Harlalka Hospital by the hospital staff. His physical examination lasted for some time. He was brought back to Woodburn Ward in the afternoon. On April 8, Anubrat was admitted to the SSBM’s Woodburn ward after appearing at the CBI office to investigate the cattle smuggling case. Trinamool claims that he has multiple physical symptoms.

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Shortness of breath and heart problems were already there. Due to which pus is accumulating. Birbhum district Trinamool president is suffering from that. He has been admitted to Woodburn Ward since then. About 15 days later, Anubrat Mandal left Woodburn Ward on Wednesday.

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