#Kolkata: The CBI had on Wednesday summoned Trinamool leader Anubrat Mandal in a cattle smuggling case. But Anubrat was admitted to SSKM even though he was scheduled to appear at Nizam’s Palace on Wednesday. On Thursday, there was speculation as to whether he would go to the CBI or whether the Central Intelligence Agency would visit him at the hospital. The CBI officials went to SSKM Hospital after realizing that speculation. They talked to the superintendent of the hospital to know the physical condition of Anubrat Mandal.

Meanwhile, a letter from Anubrat Mandal has been sent to the CBI headquarters in Delhi. Details of what happened in Anubrat Mandal yesterday have been sent to the CBI headquarters in Delhi. CBI officials are also talking to lawyers about the matter.

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Meanwhile, X-ray report of lung of Anubrat Mandal came on the same day. Water has accumulated in the pleura of his lungs. Then his USG will be done. Chest CT will then be scanned. According to hospital sources, chest tightness in Anubrat Mandal, chest pain is also less than before. However, as the level of oxygen in the body of the grassroots leader is less than normal, oxygen support is being given. Now the oxygen level is 96. At the same time, he has started having new knee and waist pain.

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A seven-member medical board has already been formed for Anubrat Mandal. He will still be under the supervision of the 6-member medical board. As a result, it is clear that Anubrat will be admitted to the hospital for the time being Yesterday, two lawyers of Anubrat Mandal went to Nizam’s Palace and handed over a letter to CBI officials. Anubrat said that if he wanted, the officials of the Central Investigation Agency could visit him at SSKM Hospital and meet him. He also had a ‘mild heart attack’, said Saroj Mandal, a cardiologist at SSKM Hospital.

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