#Kolkata: CBI has repeatedly summoned him in cattle smuggling case, but every time he has avoided appearing due to physical illness, Birbhum district Trinamool president Anubrata Mondal. Even in the High Court, he has resorted to protection. But the single bench of the High Court did not give him that protection. Instead, he has been advised to apply for bail in advance. But this time Anubrat went to the division bench. Anubrat Mandal in fear of CBI arrest. So this time he went to the division bench.

Appeal for protection in cattle smuggling case. Permission of the case to Anubrat Mandal. Following the filing of the case, the Chief Justice’s Division Bench advised the application for an emergency hearing. On Friday, Justice Rajasekhara Mantha dismissed the plea of ​​Rakshakbach in the CBI probe into the cattle smuggling case. The High Court had observed that every time Anubrat Mandal would seek the intervention of the High Court and confront the CBI near his own residence, how was this possible? Anubrat Mandal came to Calcutta for various purposes, so where is the obstacle to face CBI in Nizam’s Palace?

Not only that, Justice Rajasekhara Mantha said to Kishore Dutt, lawyer of Anubrat Mandal, “Earlier in the post-poll violence case, I raised the question, why is the CBI calling Anubrat to Durgapur? Why not call Nizam Palace? Why would the court repeatedly intervene and tie the hands of the CBI? The court does not know what is required for the investigation. The court’s initial opinion is that Anubrat Mandal should go to the Nizam’s Palace and face the CBI.

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Accordingly, the CBI summoned Anubrat to the Nizam’s Palace on Tuesday. Although Anubrat will go there, it is not yet clear. Anubrat Mandal’s appeal will be heard on Wednesday. The hearing will be held in the Chief Justice Division Bench. Anubrat has challenged the direction of the single bench.

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Incidentally, Anubrat Mandal’s lawyer did not agree with the fear of his client’s arrest or a unilateral CBI probe, the single bench of the High Court said. That is why Justice Mantha did not protect the Birbhum district Trinamool president. As a result, Anubrat Mandal is in trouble in cattle smuggling case. This time he applied to the division bench.

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