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Anubrata Mondal: ‘I am talking about Anubrata Mondal’, he called while sitting in front of CBI, investigators were surprised in response.


#Kolkata: The CGO interrogated Anubrat Mandal for five hours at the complex today. The CBI examined two mobile phones of Anubrat Mandal all day today. The CBI had already collected the mobile numbers of 30 to 40 people. Check it out. Can the people of those numbers recognize the number of Anubrat Mandal? One person picked up a phone number after calling several phone numbers. She could not recognize Anubrat even after saying ‘I am saying Anubrat Mandal’ from this side.

Then the CBI called the number with the mobile phones of three security guards of Anubrat Mandal. Even then no one could recognize the mobile number. The idea of ​​the CBI was that Anubrat Mandal often used the phones of the security guards to talk on his mobile phone.

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Anubrat was released on Thursday after an investigation. Today, the CBI has not been able to succeed in any way. However, the CBI is keeping an eye on another security guard Sehegal. The CBI has been conducting interrogation and search for another case at Sehegal’s house since yesterday. Detectives think Sehegal Hossain is the right hand of Anubrat Mandal. Anubrat Mandal used to speak from his mobile number. Because Anubrat knows very well. One day there will be legal complications with his empire.

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During the post-election violence in Ilam Bazaar on May 2, 2021, Gaurab Sarkar was named as the killer of Anubrat. His name is in the CBI case. The CBI is watching. However, the CBI did not receive any evidence from Anubrat on Thursday.

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