Anubrata Mondal on Roopa Ganguly: Anuprata Mondal on Roopa Ganguly! ‘Kesht Da’ angry over BJP leader

#Kolkata: BJP Rajya Sabha MP Roopa Ganguly made controversial remarks on social media the day after the sudden demise of Subrata Mukherjee, the state panchayat minister. The BJP MP’s remarks were criticized on social media (Anubrata Mondal on Rupa Ganguly). Many people complained that at least this day the MP could not go into the political mudslinging. Even Rupa’s remarks embarrassed the entire Gerua camp. This time, Anubrata Mondal, president of the Trinamool Congress in Birbhum district, slammed the silver.

Soon after the death of Subrata Mukherjee, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Rupa made several controversial posts on social media. In a post, he wrote about the death of BJP’s Kolkata ward co-ordinator Teesta Biswas in an accident. He also wrote that Subrata Mukherjee wanted to join the Gerua camp before the 2021 assembly elections. He backed down because he didn’t like the deal. Besides, Rupa had further complained that Subrata Mukherjee had no other contribution than to make a splash in Pujo and raise money.

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The BJP leader’s comments caused a stir on social media. Regardless of party affiliation, many people there continue to oppose Rupar’s remarks. Birbhum district Trinamool president Anubrat Mandal was also asked about this. After that, ‘Kesht Da’ attacked Rupa in a natural manner. He said, “I saw that tweet. I don’t know if Rupa Gangopadhyay’s mother or father is alive. Subrata Mukherjee is like his father. People can be bad, but no one calls him bad when he dies. I think Rupa Gangopadhyay has become a habit. I’m sure when his parents died, he also said bad things to his own parents. That language is still on my lips. They are still memorized.

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However, district BJP president Dhruv Saha countered with Anubrat Mandal’s remarks, saying he spoke as he thought. There is nothing more to say. However, many inside the BJP were vocal about Rupa’s remarks. Rantidev Sengupta said that it is feared that some jokers and dwarfs will roam in the politics of Bengal if the leaders of this sect leave. BJP leader and MP Rupa Gangopadhyay has proved within 24 hours that her fears were not wrong.

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