#Kolkata: In the Cattle Smuggling Case, the CBI sent another notice to Anubrata Mondal, the district president of Birbhum and leader of Daputa. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, he was summoned to the Nizam’s Palace on March 14. The fourth notice was issued by the CBI. Anubrat Mandal avoided attending even though he had been given notice three times before.

According to CBI sources, this time the CBI may take strict action against Anubrat Mandal if he avoids appearing. The CBI had earlier sent the first notice to Trinamool leader Anubrat Mandal in April in the Cattle Smuggling Case. Notice was sent again, Seba was summoned to Nizam’s Palace on 14 February. According to the third notice, he was summoned on February 25. But the Trinamool leader avoided attending the Nizam’s Palace three times. The CBI allegation against him, Enamul Haque told the CBI during the interrogation, that the cattle were being bought and sold at the Mallikbazar cattle market in Birbhum. After crossing Birbhum, cows would go to more than one place. As a result, how was the trafficking in the area of ​​Anubrat Mandal? The CBI has claimed that he has links with Enamul Haque, the main accused in the cattle smuggling case. That is why the notice was sent to him for the fourth time by the CBI.

A few days ago, the CBI sent two notices to Anubrat Mandal in connection with the post-poll violence in the state. But the CBI claimed that he avoided appearing on the grounds of physical illness. He approached the High Court. Incidentally, BJP activist Gaurab Sarkar was killed in Gopalnagar village in Ilambazar on May 2, the day the results of the assembly elections were announced. The family alleges that he was beaten to death by miscreants. An FIR was lodged against 24 people at Ilambazar police station. Anubratar was not named in the FIR. However, as directed by the High Court, the CBI took charge of the investigation into the post-poll violence (murder, rape). In that incident, the CBI gave notice to Anubrat Mandal twice in a row. But he could not appear due to illness, he told CBI. He then got protection from the High Court. This time, the CBI officials gave the fourth notice to Anubrat Mandal in the case of cattle smuggling. It remains to be seen whether he will come to the Nizam’s Palace on March 14.


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