#Kolkata: Anubrata Mondal, district Trinamool president of Birbhum, was again worried. He was again summoned by the CBI for cattle smuggling. According to the Central Investigation Agency, Anubrat Mandal has been directed to appear in person at the Nizam’s Palace in Kolkata on March 14. Earlier, the CBI had summoned him three times. But Anubrat avoided the audience three times by saying that he was ill. The Dakabuko leader of Birbhum was summoned for the fourth time in connection with the cattle smuggling case. He also approached the High Court to avoid arrest.

The CBI had summoned Anubrat Mandal at the Nizam’s Palace on February 14 in a cattle smuggling case. He did not show up that day. He was again given notice to appear on February 25. But Kesh ‘Da’ also avoided those attendees by telling about the physical problems of Anubrat Mandal.

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He was summoned by the CBI and approached by the Trinamool Congress district president of Birbhum in the Calcutta High Court. But the Calcutta High Court made it clear that the investigation would continue. But Anubrat could not be arrested as his name was not directly in the chargesheet. In this case, the lawyers informed about his physical condition. However, after the announcement of the results of the recent municipal elections, Anubrat said that he is better than before. But still not completely healthy.

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Although he has repeatedly demanded that he cooperate fully in the investigation of cattle smuggling cases. He has no problem even facing CBI interrogation. However, it is not possible for him to go to the CBI office in Kolkata and make an appearance. He will go if called near his house in Bolpur. Anubrat Mandal also gave this letter through a lawyer. But this time he was again called to the Nizam’s Palace in Calcutta. This time, it remains to be seen whether he will face interrogation.

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