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Anubrata Mondal: There were strict instructions, again Anubrata Mondal in CBI Dera! What you said before entering …


#Kolkata: The CBI had again summoned Anubrata Mondal, Trinamool district president of Birbhum. Strict instructions were given to Anubrat Mandal to appear before the Central Investigation Agency in the post-poll unrest case by 12 noon on Thursday. Although he went to the CBI office earlier, the Trinamool leader asked the CBI for 15 days as he felt ill again. But the Central Investigation Agency did not respond to that request. Anubrat Mandal necessarily appeared at the CGO complex at 11:40 in the morning. However, when asked about the CBI’s call on the day, he said, “I will not say anything.” However, he also said that his body is a bit better.

However, Anubrat Mandal wanted to avoid appearing at the end of May due to illness. Doctors have advised him to rest for 15 days, claiming that the Trinamool leader of Birbhum had sought time in the post-poll unrest case by sending a lawyer. During this period, another summons was issued by the CBI. The notice was issued on Tuesday evening by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Not only in this case, but also in the case of cattle smuggling, the CBI is keeping a close eye on Anubrat Mandal. He had to appear at the CBI office at Nizam Palace two weeks ago in a cattle smuggling case. After being interrogated there, he went to SSKM feeling sick. After that, the Trinamool leader claimed that the doctors had advised him to rest for 15 days.

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Meanwhile, he was summoned in the last week of May in a post-poll unrest and cattle smuggling case. But he avoided those appearances. He was summoned again. On Thursday, there was a lot of speculation as to whether he would appear in the post-poll unrest case. In the end, however, Dakabuko, the grassroots leader, did not shy away from attending.

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Anubrat has already submitted documents related to his property to the CBI in the cattle smuggling case. Investigators have yet to find any documents. According to CBI sources, he has been asked to submit all those documents. According to the Central Investigation Agency, information has also been collected about various statements made to Anubrat Mandal during the 2021 Assembly elections. It is being investigated whether there was any provocative statement. At the same time, the CBI has also collected information about all the political unrest that took place in Birbhum district after the polls.

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