#Kolkata: A division bench of the Chief Justice took a dramatic turn on Wednesday in the case seeking protection of Anubrat Mandal. “The SSKM Medical Board is addressing the Anubrat Mandal as … Honorable Anubrat Mandal,” Additional Solicitor General YJ Dastur told the court. Is he a minister? Is he an MP? The medical board is calling him honorable! Government doctors write about how influential he is. If not, the medical board of this SSKM hospital is showing people. The distance of Nizam from SSKM hospital is 300 meters.

If you can come to SSKM then why can’t you come to CBI office Nizam. The CBI thinks that this question will pierce Anubrat Mandal in an influential manner. A division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava adjourned the hearing of the Anubrat Mandal Rakshakbach case after answering questions from both the parties. Sources said that there may be a verdict soon. Earlier on Wednesday, Anubrat Mandal’s lawyer, former Madhya Pradesh Advocate General Vivek Tankha, questioned in an appeal case challenging the order of Justice Rajasekhara Mantha’s bench, saying notices had been sent at various times. My client responded by pointing out the reasons for the Nizam’s absence. I’d like a change of venue. I have written to the CBI stating the reasons for my health issue.

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He added, “The notice of the post-poll violence case has the protection of the High Court so it could not do anything.” So gave the second notice. This time another complaint. This is how the CBI is exerting its influence. It is not investigation but harassment in the name of investigation. I am a witness in the case of cattle smuggling. No main accused. So why should the CBI object when I am asking them to determine the place of appearance near the house without going 200 km away. The CBI issued another notice on February 14. I also gave his answer on 21st February. In this way, one case after another is dragging me and giving me notices which have no rationale. There are more than one instances of notices under Section 180 of the Criminal Procedure Code, contrary to Article 21 of the Constitution. Because they can call me with this notice and interrogate me and arrest me. As a result, my right to freedom of movement may not be protected in the light of CBI’s CRPC Section 160 notice. I’m not safe. According to the constitutional right, the right to move freely may be curtailed in a CBI notice.

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CBI lawyer MV Raju told the court that the notice under section 180 of the Criminal Procedure Code was part of the CBI investigation process. It has repeatedly received legal recognition in various guidelines of the Supreme Court. If the applicant had any fear, he could have applied for bail in advance. The application of this shield can never be accepted. The CBI notice was issued for appearing on March 15 and today is March 17. There is no need for the court to intervene on this notice. He repeatedly avoids appearing for various reasons. He is talking about health. He is holding public meetings in different parts of the state. I submitted his pictures and documents to the court. See, he did not use the mask. And says sick! His Facebook account also had this picture. He also attended the party meeting in Calcutta. And he is arguing that health and coronation are not correct.

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