#Kolkata: Babul Supriyo decided to leave the BJP after losing the post of Union Minister. On the day of joining Trinamool, Saf said, ‘Playing 11’ means you want to be in the first XI. The idea of ​​the political circles was that Babul Supriyo (Anupam Hazra Babul Supriyo) would get special responsibility by joining the grassroots. But so far it has not happened. This time BJP leader Anupam Hazra stabbed Babul Supriya from the source of that comment.

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BJP leader Anupam Hazra posted a satirical post on Facebook on Sunday. He wrote, “The girl from Goa sent the boy from Goa to the Rajya Sabha. But he kept the Bengali boy out of the field who wanted to play in playing 11 !!! Heavy injustice !!! Protest !!! ” This is where the attack on Babul Supriyo (Anupam Hazra Babul Supriyo) is clear.

A few months ago, Arpita Ghosh abruptly resigned from the Rajya Sabha. Then the speculation started, who will be the candidate for that seat on behalf of the Trinamool. Some political experts had speculated that Babul Supriyo (Anupam Hazra Babul Supriyo), who had just left the BJP camp and joined hands with the grassroots, might be the candidate for the post. But on Saturday, the grassroots announced on Twitter that Luisinho Faleiro was being nominated to the upper house of parliament.

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Meanwhile, while attending a program in Goa, Mamata Banerjee said, “I am not an outsider in Goa, I am a child here.” And Luisinho Faleiro, the son of Goa, is going to the Rajya Sabha shortly after joining the party. But despite the fact that he wants to fight from the front by joining the team, Babul Supriya has not got any special responsibility yet. That is why Anupam Hazra has attacked her former comrade Babul with a gesture.

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It may be mentioned that the by-election of Trinamool MP Arpita Ghosh will be held on November 29. However, there are doubts as to whether this by-election will be needed in Bengal at all. Because in the last two Rajya Sabha elections, the Trinamool has won unopposed as the opposition did not field a candidate.

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