App Ambulance Service | Kolkata News || Great news! Intro of app ambulance like cab in 5 cities including Kolkata, blood will also be available in the app

#Kolkata: Like App Cab, this time App Ambulance (App Ambulance Service). If you book through the app, the ambulance will appear at your doorstep. New service launched in Kolkata. The patient is in crisis. Must reach the hospital quickly. Trust then the ambulance. But with that ambulance at different times, various complaints. Never refuse. Not coming at the right time. And there is the matter of demanding big money rent. Is this the end of this day of suffering? Because, app dependent ambulance service has been launched in the state. Courtesy Ambipam, a private company in Hyderabad. The ‘Ambipam’ app will be available on Google Play Store.

You have to type the destination in the app, then you can see how much the rent will be. Then you have to book an ambulance in the app. An ambulance can also be booked by calling the toll free number. The number is 1800 270-911911. There are three types of ambulance services. Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Patient Transport. The company claims that the surge will not be placed in the app ambulance. There will even be opportunities to bargain on the rent that will be seen.

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Actor Abir Chatterjee was present at the launch of this modern ambulance service in Kolkata. According to him, the app-based ambulance service will greatly reduce the harassment of patients and their families. Many people have to face various problems for ambulance. I think this time the suffering will be much less. App Ambulance Service has been launched in cities like Kolkata, Asansol, Durgapur, Kharagpur and Siliguri.

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The private company is moving ahead with the target of launching this modern ambulance service in other parts of the state in the next few months. Often the ambulance would take the patient to a specific hospital or nursing home and the drivers would take the ambulance away from there. If the patient was refused by the hospital concerned, the patient’s family would have to rush to get an ambulance to take the patient back to another hospital. Authorities claim that the ambulance service will not leave the hospital until the patient is admitted to the new ambulance service.


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