#Kolkata: Cab companies are raising fares as they wish. App Cabs increased roundabout surcharges during the Corona Extreme. One such complaint after another would come. It was learned a few months ago that the state is planning to curb the increase in fares of app cab companies. This time the state government took control of the rent of app cabs.

The government fixed the rent of app cab in the state. The maximum base fare is 56.25 rupees. A maximum of Rs 26 per km can be taken. The fare will start from where the driver will take the passenger in the car. If it is within 3 km, he will have to pay the charge. If you cancel, you will have to pay 10%.

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It is learned that the data server will be in the state. The state government will be able to see that data at any time. Data will be for a minimum of 3 months, a maximum of 2 years.

Vehicle tracking system in cars is mandatory from now on. Drivers have to pay Rs 5 lakh for health insurance. Driver’s license is mandatory for two years.

The first Bengali government in the country took control of App Cab. For a long time, one complaint after another was being filed against the app cab company and their drivers. Sometimes taking more fare, sometimes again various allegations against the driver. As a result, the state government was forced to take control of the app cab.

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During the Corona epidemic, many complained that app cabs were being rented out. It was alleged that the app cabs increased the base fare by 18-20 percent as buses and trains did not run. Not even the AC was run on Corona’s excuse. But the rent has to be paid more than before. Meanwhile, various driving associations have claimed that private app cab companies have reduced commissions much more than before.

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