Arindam Sen: Doctor Arindam Sen arrested for threatening letter to Alapana Bandopadhyay

Kolkata: Professor Arindam Sen, the physician arrested in connection with the threatening letter to Alapan Bandyopadhyay, was bookish from an early age. Arindam’s mother used to bring her to and from school. As a result, some of the psychologists speculate that the dual character was gradually formed in him, even though he was struggling to study Arindam without any connection with the outside world.

Arindam Sen was happy to intimidate various people by sending threatening letters. Arindam also did very well in the joint. What is the reason for being in the gheratope all the time? The question belongs to the informed quarters. Allegedly, Arindam even sent a letter to Julie Bhattacharya, a doctor at KPC Medical College, threatening him. Most of the letters were sent under the name ‘Gaurahari Mishra’ and everyone used to come to the Science College in Rajabazar and submit the letter.

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The rest of the people to whom Arindam used to send letters will also be questioned, why did you use their names? Was there an old problem behind it?

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Presumably, he posted a threatening letter in Gaur’s name for revenge. Detectives suspect that there is an old reason behind the threatening letter to fellow doctor Julie Bhattacharya. It is believed that Arindam used to get very angry when he was rejected by women. Arindam used to enjoy threatening letters, according to the detectives.

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According to intelligence sources, the arrested typist Vijay told the interrogation that he used to charge Rs 50 per copy for typing but he used to charge Rs 100 per letter from Arindam for threatening letters. Arindam wants to eat rasgolla in addition to cold drinks at night to the detectives. Because if he doesn’t play these, he can’t sleep. As a result, handling Arindam Sen is now a big challenge for the detectives.

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