#Kolkata: The family of slain BJP youth front leader Arjun Chaurasia of Kashipur retreated from their position. Finally, after the third notice to cooperate in the investigation, Arjun’s grandfather Anand Chaurasia appeared at the Chitpur police station around 11 am on Wednesday. On the other hand, the Kolkata police recorded the statements of the mother and family members of the slain BJP youth leader at his home in Kashipur.

The Army Hospital authorities have submitted the preliminary investigation information of the autopsy of Arjun Chaurasia in the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday. Sources have hinted that Arjun’s death was due to the leak. And the allegation of murder raised by the family has been practically rejected in the autopsy investigation report. The High Court then directed the family to cooperate in the investigation. A third notice was sent to Arjun’s family on Tuesday night. Ananda Chaurasia, grandfather of slain BJP youth leader, was called to Chitpur police station for investigation.

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Anand reached Chitpur police station around 11 am that day. Anand appeared before the members of the special investigation team present there. This interrogation lasted for about four and a half hours.

Claims of joy,

What was the relationship of the family members with brother Arjun?

Did you notice anything unusual in Arjun?

Was there any disturbance in the neighborhood or area?

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Did Arjun ever tell his family about any debt or threat in the market? Anand Chaurasia claimed that various information related to this was sought. “I am cooperating with the police,” he said.

Not just joy. He was followed by two officers of the Special Investigation Team and a female police officer who came to Arjun’s house. There, the police recorded the statements of Arjun’s mother and other female members of the family. Anand claimed that the police wanted to know some things about Arjun from his mother.

According to sources, how much is Arjun’s monthly salary? Where did Arjun spend that money? Investigators have looked into how much money he used to give to the family. Investigators were even surprised by Arjun’s mother’s words. Sources claim that his mother has no idea about Arjun’s income and expenditure. Did Arjun have a love affair? Investigators also wanted to know if the family had any objections, sources said. However, Arjun’s family claims that they are cooperating with the investigators. But five days after the incident, no complaint was lodged on behalf of the family. They claim that their lawyer is looking into the matter.

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