#Kolkata: Who will be the candidate against Mamata Banerjee? About four days after the announcement of the by-election date, the BJP has yet to announce its candidate in Bhabanipur. However, the BJP has fixed the electoral strategy for Bhabanipur even though it could not fix the name of the candidate The party is appointing Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh as an observer in the Bhabanipur by-election. He is accompanied by two other MPs, Soumitra Khan and Jyotirmoy Singh Mahato.

According to BJP sources, Arjun Singh has been given the responsibility of managing the polls in Bhabanipur for two main reasons. The BJP alleges that even in the last assembly elections, the grassroots carried out massive terrorism in Bhabanipur. This time, the BJP thinks that the Trinamool will be more desperate to win more votes for Mamata Banerjee. That is why a dakabuko leader like Arjun Singh has been chosen to fight the grassroots. Besides, Bhabanipur has a large number of non-Bengali votes Team 7 also relied on Arjun to build public relations with them Besides, the BJP is also giving separate responsibilities to eight MLAs for the eight wards under the Bhabanipur Assembly.

Already, the Trinamool has shared the responsibilities of the party’s top leaders for the eight wards in Bhabanipur in a similar manner. The BJP followed the same path

On the same day, a bomb exploded outside Arjun Singh’s house in Barrackpore Arjun Singh alleged that the Trinamool had bombed his house as he had been given the responsibility of observing Bhabanipur. The Barrackpore MP said, “I have been given the responsibility of Bhabanipur. His reflection is that the house has been bombed. I thought it would scare me I do not do politics out of fear, there will be a fight I am with people, I will be with people ‘

However, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh scoffed at the appointment of BJP observers in Bhabanipur. He said, ‘Candidates are not available, observers have been found There are so many bullock cart headlights BJP is such a party, then BJP has to be observed People are doing these things to make them laugh It will be clear when the results of the vote come out. “

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