#Kolkata: A tripartite meeting was called in Delhi on Monday afternoon to resolve the jute and jute mill problems. The meeting was attended by representatives of the state government, textile ministry and jute industry. However, BJP MP from Barrackpore Arjun Singh was not invited to the meeting. Speaking to reporters at Jagddal’s Mazdoor Bhaban this evening, MP Arjun Singh said the tripartite meeting had been positive.

As a result, there are good indications for jute farmers, workers and mill owners. This time the Secretary of the Ministry of Textiles will inform the detailed report of the meeting to the Minister of Textiles Piyush Goel. However, Labor leader Arjun Singh said that he was ready to go to Delhi as soon as the textile minister called him.

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After the meeting in Delhi, Arjun Singh said, “As far as I know, the meeting has been positive. The role of those who went to the state was positive. There has been a positive discussion about a misunderstanding somewhere. Piyush will give the report of the meeting to the textile secretary tonight. The decision will be made overnight based on all the information. I will be there when the Secretary meets Piyush Goel. This is the beginning. I think the discussion has turned positive. Reached a lot closer for a solution. What was totally negative is going to be positive. The meeting that was negative on Monday turned positive by turning 180 degrees. I think the workers-owners are good for everyone. “

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Arjun Singh further said, “I am ready for 24 hours. I will go only when you call me.” I will tell you what to say after the meeting. I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, but have not received a reply yet. But the central government cannot in any way avoid responsibility for the state of the jute industry. ‘ When summoned to Delhi in this regard, he first met the Minister of Textiles, then also the Secretary of the Ministry. Then the tripartite meeting is over.

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