#Kolkata: Recently, BJP MP Arjun Singh has repeatedly raised his voice against the Center over the jute industry and jute issues. He even agreed to join the movement with Mamata Banerjee on this issue, the Barrackpore MP said. A tripartite meeting was convened in Delhi on Monday afternoon to resolve the issue. The meeting was attended by representatives of the state government, textile ministry and jute industry. However, BJP MP from Barrackpore Arjun Singh was not invited to this important meeting. BJP MP from Barrackpore Arjun Singh and Jagddal Trinamool MLA Somnath Shyam were seen walking together in the midst of the clash.

The walk of two opposition leaders in a religious procession has received a good response in Bengal politics. Although both Arjun and Somnath claim, the walk was not pre-arranged for the two to walk together. Incidentally, the temple authorities had organized a procession on Wednesday on the occasion of the inauguration of ‘Sri Sri Fakkarnath Shiva Temple’ in Kankinara. Arjun Singh and Jagddal Trinamool MLA Somnath Shyam walked in the procession.

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Incidentally, after the meeting in Delhi recently, Arjun Singh said, “All the information I have is that the meeting has been positive. The role of those who went to the state was positive. There has been a positive discussion about a misunderstanding somewhere. The decision will be based on all the information. I will be there when the Secretary meets Piyush Goel. This is the beginning. I think the discussion has turned positive. Reached a lot closer for a solution. What was really negative is going to be positive. “

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Arjun Singh further said, “I am ready for 24 hours, I will go only when you call me.” I will tell you what to say after the meeting. I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, but have not received a reply yet. But the central government cannot in any way avoid responsibility for the state of the jute industry. ‘ When summoned to Delhi in this regard, he first met the Minister of Textiles, then also the Secretary of the Ministry. But in the meantime, the political circles think that walking the path of Arjun Singh together with the Trinamool MLA is very significant.

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