#Kolkata: The police administration is active only after the directive of the Chief Minister. Two miscreants arrested in Habra, four rounds of ammunition including two pipe guns recovered (Arms in West Bengal). The arrested miscreants are Prashant Lodh (56) and Kiran Biswas (38). Among the detainees is Prashant’s home in Habra Banipur Itna New Colony area. Habra police arrested Prashant on a tip-off on Thursday night while he was on his way to sell firearms at Habra Banipur crematorium. A search turned up a pipe gun and two rounds of ammunition. Besides, a pipe gun and two round cartridges were recovered from the house of Kiran Biswas (38) in Habra Bira Nawapalli area on a tip-off from Habra Police Station and Kiran was arrested. The detainees have previously been charged with multiple anti-social activities and have been arrested and jailed. The detainees were taken to Barasat court by Habra police.

Meanwhile, the police recovered weapons from Chanchole in Malda on the instructions of the Chief Minister. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has directed the police of all police stations in the state to recover bombs and weapons after the Rampurhat incident. Following the order, police in Chanchal police station in Malda raided two separate villages on Thursday night and arrested two youths with two pipe guns and two cartridges. The suspects were produced in the Chanchal sub-divisional court on Friday. According to police, the arrested is Marup Ali, 30, a resident of Bakipur in Motiharpur panchayat of Chanchal. Another is Anup Malo (20), a resident of Paharpur area of ​​Chanchal panchayat. Police arrested the two with firearms from their homes. Among those arrested is an old robbery case against Paharpur resident Anup Malo.

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Meanwhile, Basirhat police arrested two notorious miscreants from the area with firearms and ammunition. The names are Shafiqul Ghazi and Cesarul Ghazi. Shafiqul was arrested last night from Soladana and Caesarul was arrested from Champapukur Road. For a long time, various allegations of terrorism were leveled against them. Basirhat police arrested the two on a tip-off last night. Two revolvers and one round of ammunition were recovered from them. Today they were taken to Basirhat sub-divisional court.

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Naoda police also arrested two persons with firearms. Police arrested them from the rainy area of ​​Nawda on Thursday night. A 9mm pistol with four rounds of ammunition, a 7.75mm pistol and a magazine were recovered. They were taken to Bahrampur court on Friday. Police are trying to find out who else is involved in the incident by interrogating him in custody. The house of the arrested Hasibur Sheikh is in Naodar Sonatikuri and the house of Pratik Bhowmik is in Dhantala area of ​​Nadia.

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