Asansol Girl molested in Kolkata shared her experience she had last night | “I don’t want to remember the night” – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The young woman from Asansol has come to the city of Kolkata and faced a horrible experience. Allegedly, this young woman has been harassed by the police for asking for help. Bidhanagar ASI and a civic volunteer have been arrested on the charge. Even after returning home, the mind and brain of the twenty-five year old girl did not leave behind that panic of the night. News18 Bangla was contacted on the telephone and the victim was saying the same thing over and over again.

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“I’m mentally disturbed. I don’t want to think about anything at night anymore.” That is what the oppressed young woman of Asansol said. The young woman has been in panic since the incident. He wanted to explain the two forms of police like ‘two backs of the same coin’. The two pictures of the police seem to have become clear about the incident of molestation of a young woman from Asansol who came to Karunamayi in Salt Lake. On the one hand, Kolkata Kasba Thana has played an important role in helping the oppressed. On the other hand, the role of the two policemen accused in the incident of indecency is reprehensible. Besides, the complainant and her family think that Bidhannagar North Police Station had locked their mouths to cover up the notoriety of the police.

About 35 hours after the incident, two accused policemen were finally arrested. The detainees include ASI Sandeep Kumar Pal and Civic Volunteer Abhishek Malakar. Kasba Thana has helped the victim to reach North Bidhannagar Thana and lodge a complaint. This Kolkata police station has garnered a lot of praise for helping a young woman in the dark of night. Even the progress of the investigation into the incident was sought from the Bidhannagar North police station.

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On the other hand, informed sources believe that the accused policemen have burnt the face of the police in the incident of indecency. The townspeople have also spoken out. If the keeper becomes the eater, then to whom will the common man go? That question arises. Besides, Okibahal Mahal is questioning the role of Bidhan Nagar North police station. The question is, why did it take thirty-five hours to arrest the two accused policemen? Police officials of the city police commissionerate have been keeping a lock on their faces since the incident. Police personnel accused so why so much privacy?

The road from Karunamayi to Bypass shopping mall is surrounded by CCTV cameras. So why did it take so long to identify the accused? Is it very difficult for the police to identify the accused police personnel? According to police sources, one of the accused was wearing a police uniform, as claimed by the young woman in Trauma. That’s why he got on the bike with confidence. The accused policemen insulted the uniform they were supposed to protect.

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According to police sources, Karunamayi got on the bus from Asansol on Friday. Didn’t find any cars around one o’clock at night. He was coming to a friend’s house in Garfa for an online test. Then the two accused policemen came and gave the bait to take the girl to Ultodanga on the bike. As soon as she got on the bike at half past one in the night, the young woman was molested and molested.

In a state of helplessness, the young woman went down to Konom as soon as she came near a well-known shopping mall on the side of the bypass. Garfa called his friend. Then a friend came and reached Ruby’s corner at half past three in the night. There he asked the traffic police where the nearest police station was. The traffic police reached Kasba police station. The girl reached Kasba police station around 3 pm and told the whole story. Kasba police took the girl to the spot. Kasba police called Bidhannagar North police station from the spot. After that he went to the spot and reached Bidhan Nagar North police station by 4 am. Kasba police were present there till the young woman lodged a complaint. Kasba police called the girl to reach home. But Bidhannagar North police said they were looking into the matter. As a result, Kasba police station was asked to return. The Kasba team reached Kasba police station around 5 am. In other words, it is possible to take immediate action against the accused on the initiative of Kasba Thana.

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