#Kolkata: Assam Youth’s Dream Remained Unfulfilled! Hyderabad is the dream city of Nilkant Sinha, a 17th year ninth grade student from Silchar, Assam. Nilkanth’s love for traveling from a young age has made him fall in love with Hyderabad through TV and other mediums. He wants to go there. Day by day the city of Nizam became a dream city near Nilkantar. The Nilkantar family never agreed to this. They just told Nilkant to study. But the city of Nilkantar’s dream repeatedly gave him a hand. Although he was able to go there was not possible! Suddenly, one day later, like Sholoana, he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream! On Wednesday of this week, his mother gave him money to pay the examination fee. After that, Nilkanth decided to move to the dream city Nizam with the money of the examination fee. He also cut the plane ticket of a private company like that. He also buys a train ticket so his family can’t find him.

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Nilkanth then left the house around 10 pm on Wednesday. First arrives at Silchar Airport, thence to Kolkata. He had a flight from Kolkata to Hyderabad on Thursday night. That’s how he prepares. But just before boarding the plane, he was caught by the police of Bidhannagar Commissionerate NSCBI Police Station (Assam Youth’s Dream Remained Unfulfilled). Nilkantar family members were informed. Nilkantar’s grandfather Surjit Sinha arrived in Kolkata on Friday and left for Silchar with his brother. According to NSCBI police sources, the Nilkantar family filed a missing person’s diary at Silchar Sadar police station in Assam on Thursday. After that, Silchar Sadar Police Station gave Nilkantar pictures to all the North East Police Stations. In particular, there is talk of keeping an eye on the Kolkata airport, as one of the Nilkantar family members gets a message about the Nilkantar plane ticket.

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The police of NSCBI police station contacted the aviation authority of that private company. It is learned that Nilakantar was on a flight to Hyderabad on Thursday night. Police rescued Nilkant from the boarding gate of the airport and informed Silchar Sadar Police Station. Nilkantar Dada reached Kolkata from Assam on Friday. He then flew to Assam with Nilkanth in the afternoon. Nilkantar Dada thanked Bidhannagar Police and Assam Police.

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