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Assembly Session || Fraud on mobile phone, petition to the minister to take action on the basis of allegations on Facebook


#Kolkata: Consumers have been complaining about mobile phones for a long time. The snare of deception in the scattering. Danger if you go a little from this side. Bank accounts are becoming empty. Fraudsters are changing their tactics next time when people are aware of the lessons learned from a fraud. The miscreants fall into a new trap. As a result, there is a risk of falling into a new trap. MLA Udayan Guha appealed to the Minister of Treta Security to take action to get rid of this problem permanently.

Asking additional questions during the question and answer session on Wednesday, Udayan Guha told the assembly, “I was told by phone that there was a lottery. I was told by the bank to do KYC. They are collecting information and withdrawing money from the bank. When it comes to getting a mobile SIM card, the company asks for a lot of documents from the customer for security. But how can fraudsters collect so many numbers? The concerned department should take precaution immediately. Consumers should take initiative to get rid of this problem.

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In response, Consumer Protection Minister Manas Bhuiyan said, “There has been a lot of discussion on this issue at the official level of the department. But there are several departments involved. Will be discussed. ” Later, Udayan Guha said, “I came to know about this scam by looking at Facebook when I came to attend the assembly session. I came to the assembly and saw that there is a consumer protection minister. I ask him additional questions during the Q&A session. The phone rang. He said he was asking for information from the bank. I wanted to know the name of the bank, the name of the branch and the name of the person. The man on the other side of the phone probably understood. He immediately hung up. “

Banks, police, and consumer protection agencies have been warned to use the phone carefully. Even then, the deception did not stop completely. According to the MLA, many people will benefit if the administration can take drastic steps on the initiative of the minister. Wakibhalmahal thinks so.


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