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Assembly Session || The BSF is obstructing jute cultivation, the MLA has requested the Agriculture Minister to take initiative


#Kolkata: A large part of the border area between India and Bangladesh falls in North Bengal. A large part of the area is agricultural land. The farmers mainly cultivate jute and maize in that land. And this is where the problem is created.

Why? Dinhata MLA Udayan Guha told the assembly on Wednesday, “There is a barbed wire fence 150 yards inside Zero Point. So farmers have to go to both banks to cultivate. Jute and maize cultivation is good on that land. “As jute is a tall tree, there is a problem in their surveillance. They are not allowed to cultivate on this pretext. Let the Minister of Agriculture solve this problem by interfering in the matter and discussing with the Center.” Shovandev Chatterjee also said that he would discuss the matter with the Chief Minister.

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Udayan Guha said, “The problem is not only in Cooch Behar district. Jute is the main crop of farmers in North Bengal. In many cases, farmers are now cultivating maize. It is difficult to see, it is hindering cultivation, but there are tall towers for surveillance, yet farmers are being persecuted again and again, even physically assaulted. “I have asked the agriculture minister in the assembly today to take up the matter with the Center so that the farmers can cultivate these crops. It is not just a problem of the farmers. The whole area is dependent on it. If it is stopped, there will be financial recession in the area.”


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