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Assembly Session || Tin rice has leaked in hailstorm, BJP MLA wants 5,000 triples


#Kolkata: While South Bengal is sweltering in the heat, it is freezing rain in North Bengal. The people of South Bengal are a little jealous of this rain. But it would be wrong to think that this ‘heavy rain’ is just a blessing for the people of North Bengal. The loss of people there was not less in the rainy season. This is clear from the statement made by the MLAs of North Bengal in the assembly on Monday.

Siliguri MLA Public Works Minister Malay Ghatak was informed that water was accumulating in the area due to faulty drain. He appealed to take appropriate steps in this regard. Not only this, almost all the MLAs in North Bengal have raised the issue of people’s problems due to heavy rains. During the question and answer session on this day, a legislator said that water would come from the mountains of Bhutan and flood it. Some say that there are 72 rivers in North Bengal. The worst situation is in Gadadhar river. There has been a flood situation. The condition of the people in the surrounding area is very bad. He appealed for speedy relief in those areas. Someone has raised the question that if lightning had struck earlier, initiatives would have been taken to warn the general public through SMS.

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What is the government thinking about this project in the current situation? Etc. One of these is the question of BJP MLA Manoj Tigger. On the same day, he told the Minister of Disaster Management, “There has been a lot of hail this time in North Bengal, especially in Alipurduar. As a result, tin rice of many people has leaked. Arrangements should be made to send 5,000 triples to the department immediately.” Despite Javed Khan’s assurances, it is clear that the people of North Bengal are in dire straits as a result of the ‘heavy rains’.

Manoj Tigga said, “There has been a lot of rain this time. The hail has also been relatively high. There are a lot of houses there whose roofs are mainly made of tin. For the time being, I have asked the Minister of Disaster Management to arrange a tripartite solution to the problems of those people. “


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