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#Kolkata: He has been vocal in getting the results of the by-elections in the state announced. Veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy has been detonating one bomb after another. On Saturday, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh also suggested that Tathagata Roy leave the party directly. On the other hand, Dilip Ghosh vs Tathagata Roy attacked Dilip as semi-educated. Tathagata even joked that it was not possible for people like Dilip Ghosh to understand his words.

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Tathagata Roy has already informed Dilip Ghosh that he does not care at all. This time he made it clear that he would not follow the advice of the former state president of the BJP in Bengal. In other words, he will not leave the BJP voluntarily. He also warned that if he could leave the party, he would reveal many secrets. In his significant tweet on Sunday, Tathagata Roy wrote that the political circles think that the uproar in the BJP’s inner circle will increase and the number of books will not decrease.

Since the BJP’s defeat in the Bengal Assembly polls, the Tathagata verdict has been aimed at sharply criticizing state-level leaders from the central level on social media. Sometimes Dilip Ghosh is at the center of his attack, sometimes Kailash is victorious. Sometimes the onslaught of his attacks is so intense that the state leaders of the party have to suffer a lot to deal with it.

On Saturday, Dilip Ghosh directly advised him to leave the party. Dilip Babu said, “Tathagata is harming the party from the party. He has never done anything for the party. Instead, the party has given him a lot. If he is ashamed to do BJP, he can leave the party.” Tathagata Roy dismissed Dilip’s suggestion to leave the party.

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His clear words, ‘I am not leaving the team voluntarily. I am currently a regular member of the team. In this situation, we will continue to play the role of the conscience of the journey. The former governor of Meghalaya has hinted that he will remain in his position as long as the BJP does not expel him. Going one step further, in a tweet today, Tathagata Roy also warned leaders like Dilip Ghosh and Kailash Vijayavargiya. “If I could have left the party, I would have leaked all the secrets, but that is not happening now,” he said.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that Dilip Ghosh has been associated with BJP for a long time. The outgoing Governor of Meghalaya was the President of the Bengal BJP from 2002-06. He was then a member of the BJP’s executive committee for about nine years. He was given the post of Governor of Meghalaya as a reward for his loyalty to the party. He became active in politics again after his term as governor expired.

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