Attacks Dilip Ghosh with a rhyme on his remark against Mamata Banerjee | ‘Delhi will be the base of Bengal’, Madan Mitra cuts ‘rhyme’ mocking Dilip Ghosh ….– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: In a word, he is a colorful MLA of Bengal. Madan Mitra, Trinamool Congress MLA from Kamarhati, did not get angry despite the criticism. Rather, it is his habit to reply with a joke on his own. He always likes to be colorful in his use of clothes as well. So the number of fans of Madan Mitra is increasing day by day. For which, at the staff meeting in Bhabanipur, party leader Mamata Banerjee also referred to Madan Mitra as ‘Color Flower Madan’. When that party leader was attacked by BJP state president Dilip Ghosh, Madan Mitra replied by cutting the rhyme.

Recently, Dilip Ghosh claimed that the people of Bengal no longer want his daughter. Asked why the Election Commission had announced by-election day, Ghosh said there was no guarantee that Mamata Banerjee would fight from Bhabanipur and win if she did. He further said that Mamata Banerjee has lost in Nandigram and may also lose in Bhabanipur. “Who lost and became the chief minister,” he quipped, “who told him to be the chief minister?”

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Madan Mitra replied to this while going to pay homage to Mahesh of Srirampur in Hughli. He said that Dilip Ghosh could have said that it is possible to commit suicide by jumping from the Shaheed Minar, but they would not want that. After that he cut the rhyme and said, “Actually from Bhabanipur to Kamarhati, everyone’s goal this time is the soil of the country. Walk forward holding Mamata’s hand, Delhi will be the base of Bengal this time. ”

Madan Mitra has composed a song for Mamata Banerjee ahead of the WB By-Election. A few days ago, Saaren recording (Song Recording). A line from the song ‘India Wana Har Betia’ “Bhabanipur to Kamarhati, walk in front holding Didi’s hand.” It is as if the MLA of Kamarhati replied to the state BJP president on that day.

Madan Mitra likes to be colorful everywhere. If you see Lal Chao in the hands of an unfamiliar journalist in the media office, he asks what it is. Seeing Dilip Ghosh in the balcony of the assembly, the Kamarhati MLA spoke with a smile. He is also seen smiling with Tollywood actresses. Occasionally he sat down on Facebook Live. He also uses Facebook Live to get in the car. He also has fans outside the team. A biopic is being made with that color flower Madan Mitra. Shaswat Chatterjee is set to play the role of Madan Mitra in the biopic directed by Raja Chand.

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