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Babita will get the full salary of the daughter of the minister, along with the job! High Court directives – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the SSC to appoint Babita Sarkar, the plaintiff, in place of Ankita Adhikari, daughter of Minister Paresh Adhikari. The judge directed that Babita be employed at the Indira Girls High School where Ankita Adhikari used to work. Not only that, the judge has directed the government to hand over all the benefits related to the salary of Ankita Adhikari as a school teacher for 43 months.

Ankita Adhikari has already been sacked by the Calcutta High Court. Babita had filed a case in the High Court questioning the appointment of Ankita Sarkar The High Court has ordered to repay the entire amount received by Ankita Adhikari in the last 43 months. In that regard, Ankita 7 has also returned the first installment of Tk. 8,96,422 Justice Gangopadhyay ordered Babita to hand over the entire amount

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The angry judge asked the SSC that day, ‘Why hasn’t Babita Sarkar got a job yet? How long will he wait? Why didn’t SSC get the job yet? ‘ Justice Gangopadhyay made it clear, “The court dismissed the minister’s daughter because she was not qualified. SSC shamelessly recruits the minister’s daughter to Indira Girls High School. By

Ankita Adhikari was illegally recruited by falsifying the merit list. How the minister’s daughter rose to number 1 on the waiting list is being investigated by the CBI. And will bring it to the fore in the investigation.

The commission did not give the job to Babita Sarkar despite being qualified. Justice 7 also directed the state government to give recommendation letter to Babita Sarkar for appointment by June 28 The Board of Secondary Education was also directed to give a job to Babita at Indira Girls School. Justice Gangopadhyay also reminded Babita to join the service by July 10.

Not only that, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay has also fined the lawyer of Ankita Sarkar for appealing to the division bench on behalf of the minister’s daughter instead of seeking stay on the order of the single bench despite knowing everything. He directed the lawyer to pay 100 rupees as fine within the next 15 days

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