Babul agrees to cheat with BJP ministers: Babul

#Kolkata: He had an affair with Mamata Banerjee for the sake of development. Babul Supriyo said that he was ready to cheat with any BJP minister if needed for the same reason.

Babul Supriya arrived in Kolkata in 2015 in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s car. At that time he was the Union Minister of State Babul Supriyo on Jhalmuri Episode with Mamata Banerjee in front of Victoria. After joining Babul Trinamool (Babul Supriyo joins TMC), that jhalmuri episode is practiced again. On this day, while holding a press conference on behalf of the Trinamool Congress, Babul once again had to face a question about the Jhalamuri episode. Babul Supriyo.

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In reply, Babul said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Nazrul Mancha in 2015 to inaugurate the Transparent India Campaign. At the end of the ceremony, I was standing for the car After the Prime Minister left, the Chief Minister’s car was coming out Then the Chief Minister saw me waiting for the car and picked me up. ‘ Babul further said, ‘I became the new minister then

He talked to the Chief Minister about many issues There was a need to discuss East West Metro, ESI Hospital While getting in the car, the Chief Minister parked the car in front of Victoria The Chief Minister told me to eat jhalmuri If anyone in front of Victoria asked me to eat jhalamuri, I would agree Chief Minister is the administrative head there I agree to talk to everyone for work I have eaten jhalmuri before and am willing to work with any BJP minister in the future.

Babul has repeatedly said on this day that he knows the ridicule and ridicule he will have to face for joining the grassroots. So he is ready to answer all the unpleasant questions Babul 7 also said that he will answer all the questions one by one

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