#Kolkata: “I am the first eleven player,” he said as he left the BJP and joined the grassroots. So when Babul Supriyo, a former MP from Asansol, joined the grassroots, many in the political circles thought that Babul had left the Padma and gone to the grassroots with the assurance of getting a big post. Despite occasional rumors, Babul could not be found in mainstream politics. Although his name emerged as the mayor of Calcutta, the rumor was soon disproved. But it is not too late, this time probably Babul is going to be brought in the state cabinet. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has declared Babul as a candidate in the Baliganj assembly by-election on the same basis. Political circles are saying that the speculation about Babul is going to end in the end.

Once upon a time there was a Union Minister. But after leaving that post, Babul Supriya left BJP. This time the opportunity to go to the state assembly. How do you feel? Babul told News18Bangla, “I am very grateful to Mamata Banerjee. He gave me another chance to work for the people. I don’t want to say anything old. However, I was injured and left politics. But Mamata Banerjee told me, we have to work for the people of Bengal. He gave me that opportunity. “

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And the seat of the late Subrata Mukherjee from Asansol is Baliganj! How excited Babul. He replied, “Baliganj constituency has a special significance. I am very happy. Baliganj is my favorite place. We will continue to work for the people for the next few days and beyond. “

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Incidentally, Babul Supriya had announced that he would lose the Union Ministership and he would not do politics. At the same time, he declared that he has only one party, one faith, so he wants to be a believer. But that announcement of the former Union Minister did not last long. Abhishek Banerjee, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, left the BJP and joined the Trinamool Congress. But after that? Babul himself repeatedly explained that one must be patient. Although Babul was kept in various organizational responsibilities from time to time, Babul had elusive positions. This time the deficit is going to be met.

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