Babul Supriyo and Jitendra Tiwari: Babul Trinamool, ‘rival’ in the High Court to run! Hints of BJP split again?

#Kolkata: After Babul Supriyo joined the Trinamool (Babul Supriyo in TMC), there has been a lot of speculation about the dynamics of Jitendra Tiwari. Babul Supriyo, an MP from Asansol, has joined the grassroots with a bang in national and state politics on Saturday. The Trinamool leadership demanded that the game would be played even before the Purnigam vote. After joining the grassroots of Babul, strong practice has started in Asansol. Whose turn is it now?

Rumors have started circulating about the dynamics of Jitendra Tiwari, a one-time Daputa leader of the ruling party, former mayor and now BJP leader. The BJP poster has already been removed from the profile picture on its Facebook page. No political statements or posters can be seen on his page. Instead there are multiple double meaning motivational posts. Post mentioning the memorable days of various famous personalities. However, the list did not include any post on social media on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday.

Jitendra Tiwari is not even in Asansol at present. Although he is in BJP, he is not seen in any party program lately. He has not been seen in Asansol for a long time. Jitendra Tewari has started his practice as a lawyer in the Calcutta High Court. He is living in Calcutta with his family. On August 26, he posted on social media expressing his gratitude for being a member of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association.

He also wrote about practicing as a lawyer in the High Court. He has not faced Asansol since then. Naturally, speculation has started about his political future. Even after the assembly elections, Jitendra was very active in politics in the Asansol industrial area and in the West Burdwan district. The ruling party was vocal on various issues against the Trinamool Congress. Asansol did not hesitate to criticize the board of directors of Purnigam. He was also quite aggressive against the ruling party on social media. But he has not been seen in that role since August. Someone has wrapped himself up for an ‘unknown’ reason.

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More importantly, Jitendra Tiwari has changed everything in his profile, including his picture on social media. Are these all indications of a new equation? This is being discussed in the inner circle of politics. Especially after Asansol star MP Babul Supriya joined the Trinamool, new political speculation has started about Jitendra again. However, in an interview with News18Bangla, Jitendra Tiwari said, “At the moment, there is no income other than the former MLA’s allowance. He has given his mind to his old profession as a lawyer in the Calcutta High Court to run his family. What will happen to lead the Asansol Gerua camp? According to Jitendra, I have no position in the team. When I go back, if the team gives responsibility for any program, I will definitely do it. ‘ However, Jitendra Tiwari dispelled the rumors of the old party joining the grassroots. But the way Babul Supriya announced his retirement from politics and took part in active politics again, will Jitendra follow the same path this time? Time to answer.

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