#Kolkata: The day after joining the Trinamool, Babul Supriyo held a marathon press conference. There he tried to explain by argument that he has joined Mamata Banerjee’s party for the sake of development. At the same time, he said, for the sake of development, just as he once had a quarrel with the Chief Minister from the Union Minister, so he is ready to have a quarrel with any BJP minister if necessary. However, some sections of the political circles have always said that Babul has changed his party after losing the ministry. However, he never publicly accepted that demand. However, he said, after working for the people for seven years, it would be bad if the ministry left. But this time Babul Supriya directly targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What Babul said in rain-soaked Kolkata has stirred up state politics again. On this day, he said, ‘In seven years, it seems that the Prime Minister is not relying on the Bengalis. In seven years, the cabinet minister has not been made a full-fledged minister. However, Babul Supriya has raised the allegation not only about himself but also against MP Surinder Singh Aluwalia. “I’m not talking about myself, but no matter how senior Surinder Singh Aluwalia G is, he has not been given any full ministerial post,” he said. He then said, “I am at the grassroots because of the responsibility that Mamata Di wants to give me for the development of the people of the state.” In the last assembly vote, the Trinamool had used the Bengali issue as a big tool. The ruling party of the state also gave external badges to the BJP leaders. At that time, Babul also attacked this position of the grassroots. But this time the former Union Minister used the same Bengali sentiment to change the party and attack the Prime Minister himself.

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After joining the grassroots, Babul declared that his decision to withdraw from politics was wrong. The proposal he got from the Trinamool Congress and got back into politics seemed unimaginable to him. However, Asansol MP Babul has not yet revealed what responsibility the state’s ruling party is going to give by snatching ‘heavyweights’ like Babul from the BJP. After meeting the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he has repeatedly said that he will resign from the post of MP. So what will be his responsibility when he comes to the grassroots, there is still a strong stir in the state politics. Political circles say that Babul Supriya may also be made a minister in an important department of the state. In that sense, the way Babul attacked Narendra Modi with the ministry on that day, the political circles think that the possibility has increased.

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