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Babul Supriyo: Babul’s plea to Modi for the city of heart! Same destination as TMC? Speculation …


#Kolkata: He still has a favorite city. Twice he became an MP with the support of the people of Asansol. Loving the city, he suddenly became a citizen of that city one day. Although he resigned from the post of MP of Asansol, his affection, love and passion for Asansol is still intact. Babul Supriyo made that point once again in a tweet addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Twice Babul won the Asansol Lok Sabha seat by a wide margin. Referring to that, Babul tweeted a petition to the Prime Minister’s Office and wrote, “15 tourists from West Bengal were injured and 5 died in a very tragic accident in Uttarakhand yesterday.” All of them are residents of my city Asansol. My request is that the families of the deceased and the injured should also be compensated. ”

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Babul Supriya lost his post of Union Minister and declared that he would no longer do politics. He also declared that he has only one party, one faith, so he wants to be a believer. But that announcement of the former Union Minister did not last long. He left the BJP holding Abhishek Banerjee’s hand and joined the Trinamool. Babul said that he wants to work for Bengal and Bengalis with the blessings of ‘Didi’ in mind.

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Five Bengali tourists from Asansol-Raniganj industrial area died in an accident on Wednesday while visiting Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Babul Supriya, once an important minister in the cabinet, is one of the prime minister’s favorite MPs. Babul Supriya is by the side of the citizens of Asansol, his beloved city. Babul Supriyar pleaded that the Prime Minister should extend a helping hand to the families of the five tourists killed in Asansol by providing them with equal financial compensation as in Jammu and Kashmir. In a tweet, Babul praised the Prime Minister’s initiative to pay financial compensation for the Jammu and Kashmir incident and this time also brought up the issue of providing financial compensation to the Prime Minister by paying Rs 200,000 to the families of the five people killed in the Asansol accident in Uttarakhand.

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In the case of Bengal, a section of the political establishment sees this as an accusation of deprivation of Babul Supriya. However, in the words of Babul Supriya, ‘I have been by the side of the people of Asansol before. I will stay the next day. I will never forget Asansol ‘.

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