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Babul Supriyo | Dilip Ghosh: Babul’s ‘no’ in campaign


#Kolkata: He has moved away from direct politics He has openly said that he will continue his work only as an MP The name Babul Supriyo has been included in the list of BJP’s star campaigners for the Bhabanipur by-election. Seeing that, the question of many is, is Babul returning to mainstream politics again? However, Babul has once again made it clear that he will not campaign for the BJP in Bhabanipur Even though Babul has said that, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is still not giving up. Rather, his comments about Babylon have created new speculation. When Dilip Ghosh was asked about this during a morning walk in Ecopark on Sunday, he said, ‘The campaign has not started yet. The party has decided who will get down in the campaign. What is the problem of the rest, it can be said.

But Babul Supriya said that he will not go to the political stage? Dilip replied, ‘He (Babul) told you, did not tell us. The party runs on a system. The party will talk according to the advantages disadvantages. He will give work to everyone. ‘ However, the BJP state president has made it clear that the central leadership will not contest the Bhabanipur by-election. “Central leadership does not come in by-elections,” he said.

However, the BJP state president has made it clear that the BJP will not give up the same land to the Trinamool. Dilip Ghosh said, ‘We are fighting to win. Trinamool says our bail will be confiscated. He also said in Nandigram. Understand what happened. If there is so much breath, then why are all the ministers running around? Sit down, people will vote. We will fight, we will go to the people. People will decide. ‘

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Regarding national politics, the Trinamool says that the change of Chief Minister in Gujarat is a BJP infighting. Regarding that, Dilip said, ‘Trinamool does not have to worry about what is going on in our team. Today, the party has to become the chief minister through the back door to save money. By-elections are being forced. Why do people have to stand in line? Once Mamata Banerjee resigns, does the party exist or not? Take a good look at your own home before you look at other people’s homes. ‘

Dilip even joked about Abhishek Banerjee’s return visit to Tripura. “Some leaders are not getting a place here, they are not getting a position, they are trying to get a place there,” he said.

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