#Kolkata: He has also responded in state and national politics. His flower exchange has been practiced everywhere from Kolkata to Delhi. First leaving the BJP, then announcing his departure from politics, and finally joining the Trinamool Congress (TMC), the hot topic of state politics is now one, Babul Supriyo. Babul, however, said that he was a player of the first XI. But he was not getting that opportunity in BJP. So grassroots. But Babul once again made it clear that he would have Asansol in his heart even if he changed parties. In a post on Facebook on Thursday, he also gave an account of the sectors in which he has allocated his MPLAD money for Asansol.

On this day, Babul wrote on Facebook, ‘Dear Asansol, like the requests that came from different parts of Asansol, I have approved the remaining Rs 2 crore (Rs.2,2,000,000) of the remaining Rs 5 crore per annum of this year’s MPLAD. I paid Rs 88 lakh for the work when MPLAD started anew after being closed for almost two years. In other words, I have sanctioned the entire five crore rupees available till March next year for various development works in the vast area of ​​Asansol. It is hoped that the Deputy Commissioner will expedite these works with various Executing Agencies, (Asansol Municipal Corporation ADDA etc.). I will personally talk to him about it. ‘ (Spelling changed)

Afterwards, Babul wrote about his passion for Asansol, “Wherever I live, Asansol will always be a very special & loving place for me. Always for Asansol, I will do more than I can do. “(Spelling unchanged)

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This is not the first time Babul Supriya has expressed his passion for Asansol. He has repeatedly questioned the development of Asansol. He has also organized tours in the area. Babul is also about to resign from the post of Asansol MP by joining the Trinamool Congress. He himself said that. Soon after joining the Trinamool, Babul announced, ‘I will go to Delhi on Wednesday. If the Hon’ble Speaker gives me time, I will resign from the post of Asansol MP on Wednesday. Although it has not been done yet, it has become clear that he will not retain his old post after the change of team. However, he has repeatedly made it clear that he will keep Asansol in his heart.

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