#Kolkata: He was seen on the way to Ballygunge By Election from the morning of the election. In his usual manner, he sometimes spoke to the media in a very cheerful manner, and sometimes by talking to his fellow followers, he came to know the reality of the vote. Babul Supriyo, the Trinamool’s Baliganj by-election candidate, who has been in the spotlight since morning till noon.

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Babul Supriyo (West Bengal By Election 2022) was found in a cool mood on the morning of the day. Sometimes he explained the color of the clothes, sometimes he had breakfast with his followers in Singara-Kachuri. Went to the booth. The Trinamool candidate went home after a short break in the afternoon and drank sherbet to relax in the heat. Asked by reporters, he said, “Short break. I’ll go home and freshen up and come out again.”

At the same time, Babul Supriya said regarding the opposition’s allegation of rigging (Bengal By Election), “Voting is taking place peacefully. There is no reason to worry unnecessarily.

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Babul Supriyo has been in a really cool cool mood since the morning of Tuesday’s vote. He drove himself to different booths Singing Manna Dey’s song, he appealed to the voters to cast their votes After all, the Trinamool candidate had breakfast on the streets of Baliganj in Singara, a hot kachuri.

However, since the morning one must have frequently searched for Babul (Babul Supriyo)! Even though he doesn’t understand the complex number of votes, Ekaratti, who has just been admitted to the school, wants to know over and over again on the phone, ‘Long live my father!’ Babul Supriya was talking about that family even when he entered the house at noon. He said, “Father, wife and daughter keep telling me to come home and have some sherbet. So I am entering the house.”

Babul explained in a cheerful manner from the morning that he had no doubt about winning the Baliganj by-election. He did not lose his temper even though the Central Police did not allow him to enter the South Point School booth. Instead, Manna Dey sang “How my whole day is spent, only you do it” to the party workers and supporters. All in all, he has become the show-stopper of the vote in this by-election of 22 days.

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