Babul Supriyo: ‘Looks like five more are gone’, explosive Babul Supriya hit BJP! Storm in Gerua camp

#Kolkata: Anger within the state BJP (Bengal BJP) is on the rise. With the resignation of one leader after another, and the flying of straw in one election after another, this time the issue of BJP MLAs leaving the WhatsApp group has come to the fore again. Realizing the opportunity, former Union Minister Babul Supriyo, who came to the grassroots from the BJP, threw an arrow of sarcasm.

The BJP’s state committee has just been formed. Asim Sarkar, Ambika Roy, Subrata Tagore, Mukutmani Adhikari and Ashok Kirtaniya have left the BJP MLAs’ official WhatsApp group alleging that Matua was not represented in the committee. And this incident has caused a stir in the political circles of the state at Christmas.

The ‘left-wing’ legislators have not yet made public their grievances, but the storm inside the BJP is not stopping them. And in this situation Babul Supriya attacked the leadership of the old team. Babul wrote on Twitter, “BJP is losing wickets one after another. “It looks like five more are gone today I heard Shivbabu went to Kailash after hearing everything The only reliable source to find the original Bengali crabs – Muralidhar Lane. ” (Spelling unchanged)

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Manoj Tigga, chief whip of the BJP parliamentary party in the assembly, has admitted to leaving the WhatsApp group of MLAs. However, he said he had talked to Ashok Kirtaniya and Subrata Tagore, two of the WhatsApp group-abandoning MLAs. Manoj claims that this will be discussed at the parliamentary level. Discussions may also take place at the state level. He further claimed that it was due to misunderstanding. The legislators also misunderstood.

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The Matua vote in the 2019 and 2021 elections has helped the BJP win in about six constituencies, including Bangaon North and South. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It has been heard that MP Shantanu Tagore wanted to talk about this with BJP all-India president JP Naddar in Delhi. However, it is clear that the fire of resentment within the BJP is not diminishing. In this situation, many people think that Babul Supriya’s tweet is like adding fuel to the fire.

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