Babul Supriyo on Jhalmuri with Didi: ‘Eat Village Muri’

#Kolkata: Babul Supriyo has gone to meet Mamata Banerjee, and it won’t matter, what happens! Jhalamuri was in the BJP, Babul is now in the grassroots, but Murree was not left out of the discussion. But Trinamool leader Mamata advised Babul to eat village murdi instead of jhalmuri. After the meeting in Navanne, he came out and confronted the media with questions about Jhalamuri. And then the Asansol MP who had just joined the Trinamool said, ‘Not Jhalmuri. Didi, on the other hand, says that she gains weight by playing in today’s urban mudri. It contains urea. He himself is now bringing village mudri to eat, he also told me to bring village mudri and eat. ‘

This is not the end of the episode. Babul added, “He has told me how to leave the car in my car, open the car, dry the car and eat it, buy a small car for it.” However, not only Mudi-Path, but also the warm welcome of ‘Didi’ has won the hearts of Babul from the opposition camp. He has mentioned that issue separately. Said, ‘It naturally feels very good to get so much love after coming from a place of opposition. Have pity on me, it is very good to see that Abhishek has so much faith in me. ‘

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Babul’s ‘Muri’ episode with the Trinamool leader started in 2015. That, of course, was jhalamuri. Babul Supriya arrived in Kolkata in 2015 in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s car. At that time he was the Union Minister of State Babul Supriyo on Jhalmuri Episode with Mamata Banerjee in front of Victoria. After joining the Trinamool Congress, Babul recounted the incident yesterday, saying, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Nazrul Mancha in 2015 to inaugurate the Transparent India Campaign. At the end of the ceremony, when I was standing for the car, the car of the Chief Minister was coming out Seeing me standing for the car, the Chief Minister picked me up in his car We were both supposed to have dinner at the palace that day. On the way he bought jhalamuri, he also gave it to me. ‘ “If anyone asks me to eat jhalmuri in front of Victoria, I will agree,” Babul added. The Chief Minister is the administrative head of the state I agree to talk to everyone for work, I said I have eaten jhalmuri before, and when the need arises in the future, I am willing to cheat with any BJP minister. ‘

However, after today’s discussion, it was understood that Jhalamuri is no more for the time being, but Babul Supriya may be able to arrange future tactics under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee by sitting with a healthy village mudri.

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