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Babul Supriyo on Kabir Suman: Babul avoids response to Kabir Suman’s attack, gives relief to Trinamool too


#Kolkata: Babul Supriya াব avoided responding to Kabir Suman’s attack After joining the Trinamool, Babul Supriyo was attacked on Facebook by a former Trinamool MP from Jadavpur. He wrote sarcastically, for the first time in his life, it seems that a group is open Asked about Kabir Sumon’s Facebook post on the day, Babul said, “It’s his personal opinion What it seems, says 6 I don’t have Facebook or Twitter on my phone I will not say anything about this (Babul Supriyo on Kabir Suman). ‘

Kabir Suman posted two Facebook posts shortly after Babul suddenly joined the Trinamool (TMC). In a post, the former Trinamool MP recalled Babul Supriya’s sarcasm about him a few days ago.

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Sumon wrote on Facebook, “BJP MP and Minister Babul Supriya made fun of me on Facebook some time ago. Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wrote a rough allusion to 7 Wrote, ‘Yours sincerely.’ I did not make fun of him Today he has joined the grassroots loudly The big leaders of the grassroots have accepted him I am a supporter of the grassroots, not a member It’s up to the grassroots to decide. “

In the same post, Kabir Sumon also called Babul a pro-NRC, anti-Bengali and anti-Bengali. Kabir Sumon 7 also targeted Bandyopadhyay

Naturally, Babul was questioned about Kabir Sumon’s remarks at the first press conference after joining the Trinamool on this day. Babul Supriya tactfully avoided the topic of Kabir Sumon, though he questioned the language skills of some BJP leaders, including Tathagata Roy, for his comments on the change of party. Because if he had responded to Sumon’s remarks, it would have been a source of embarrassment to the grassroots as well. Kabir Sumon is known to be close and a fan of the Chief Minister, so Babul Supriya avoided controversy from the very beginning by joining the grassroots, avoiding direct confrontation with him.

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