#Kolkata: As expected and announced, Babul Supriyo met Mamata Banerjee. Accompanied by Abhishek Banerjee and Derek and Bryan, Babul had a brief meeting with Mamata in Navanne. On Monday, Babul drove himself to Navanne. And there, the MP of Asansol was overwhelmed by the warm reception of the Trinamool leader and the Chief Minister. Babul said in response to a question from reporters after leaving Nabanna that day, ‘It feels very good to get so much love after coming from another place. Have pity on me, it’s great to see Abhishek trusting me so much. ‘

Joining the grassroots, Babul said that the responsibility being given to him was unexpected. But Babul has not disclosed his responsibility before, nor has he done so today. Asked about his responsibilities in the grassroots, Babul said, “I want to make it clear, my sister will tell me what my responsibilities are, don’t ask me.” Didi gave a lot of love. My house can be seen from my sister’s office. He is trusting me, I will try to give him full dignity.

Even after today’s meeting, the issue of Jhalmari came up again for the purpose of Babul. Babul, however, did not get into it, but gave the details of what ‘Didi’ had advised him with the cover. In the words of Babul, ‘he said, playing with mud increases weight. He also told me which murdi to eat. Any words about the song? Babylon answers, ‘Of course. There has been beautiful musical discussion. He told me to sing during Pujo too. The horizon opened for me. I will give my best. I am fascinated to get so much love from another camp. ‘ Before leaving Nabanna that day, Babul sang, ‘Oh, what joy, in the air in the sky.’

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However, in the context of his campaign in Bhabanipur, Babul has kind of made it clear that he is not staying. As soon as the issue came up again, Babul said, ‘Mamata Banerjee alone is enough. I don’t need to go for his campaign. ‘ Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee stood by Victoria with Nazrul Manch back Babul Supriya in 2015. At that time, of course, both of them belonged to the opposition camp. However, Mamata Banerjee handed over the jhalmuri to Babul. Whether it was the taste of that jhalmuri or jhanjhe, Babul reached a little further along the path of Victoria to Navanne, Mamata Banerjee. Some of the traders in politics are finding ‘sweet end’ in Jhalamuri in the whole incident.

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