#Kolkata: Trinamool candidate Babul Supriya in Baliganj by-election. State Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee died at SSKM Hospital on November 4. He was the MLA of Baliganj Assembly constituency. By-elections are being held in that center on his death. As soon as the voting started on Tuesday morning, Babul Supriya went to the booth in Baliganj to observe the voting process. In honor of Subrata Mukherjee, Babul sang on this day. Babylon’s voice can be heard saying, ‘Rim drizzle rain, all day long you just do it you’. This song sung by Manna Dey can be heard in Babul’s throat. (Babul Supriyo Song)

Babul Supriya’s statement, ‘Everyone should go out and vote today with respect to Subrata Mukherjee. That’s why I’m singing ‘Tumi Tumi Kare’ and asking everyone to come out. I am also out of politics. That’s why I ate jhalamuri. I agree to work with everyone. When you say lunch, I will have dinner. Remember, I was in the East West Metro Hall. ‘ On the same day, Babul visited Subrata Mukherjee’s club Ekdalia Evergreen and talked to the members there.

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Incidentally, after last year’s assembly vote, Prime Minister Narendra Modi removed Babul from the cabinet in a cabinet reshuffle. After being removed from the cabinet, he announced his resignation from politics on Facebook. On September 17, Babul joined the Trinamool. After becoming a candidate in the Assembly by-elections, he said, ‘I will meet and talk to everyone in person. Debashisada is planning.

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Asansole also has a by-election on this day. Shatrughan Sinha has become the Trinamool candidate there. Leaving Asansol, Babul has become a candidate for the by-election in Baliganj Assembly constituency on a popular Trinamool ticket. BJP’s Agnimitra Pal fights Shatrughna Sinha in Asansol. In the last two elections, the BJP has lost this center to the grassroots. The BJP is hopeful of retaining this center again. On the other hand, the Trinamool thinks that no one will be able to stop them from winning this seat.

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