#Kolkata: The speaker did not have time to write a letter more than once before. Finally, Babul Supriyo (Babul Supriyo to submit Resignation) got the speaker’s time. Babul himself wrote that on Twitter. On the other hand, according to the secretariat sources, Khabar Babul has been given time on the morning of October 19. In other words, Babul can resign tomorrow after many excuses.

“I pay tribute to Speaker Om Birla for giving me time tomorrow at 11 am. I will submit my resignation to him. I will not take any money or any other opportunity as a BJP MP from now on. I am no longer a BJP MP,” Babul wrote on Twitter today. I am not a part of the BJP for which I won a seat. If there is anything in me, I will win again. “

In 2014, Babul got a place in the Lok Sabha. After 2019, Babul then won by widening the gap. Babylon argued that people voted spontaneously for the first time. The next time the vote came to see the work. And this is why Babylon’s new remark is indicative. If Babul leaves the post, by-election will be held in this center of Asansol in a few days. In that case, will Babulai be the candidate for the flag of Joraful? Did that provoke him to say, ‘I will win again’?

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Abhishek himself said that if the MLAs and MPs want to join the party, they will resign. And they will win again. Babul has walked that path, praying for the resignation of the speaker from the very beginning.

In the meantime, Babul has started to feel much more comfortable in the grassroots. Mamata Banerjee has called him on stage with Nachiketa Indranil Sen. However, there were speculations as to why Babul was not included in the list of star preachers. Like Babul’s close circle, both Babul and the Trinamool wanted to wait until Babul’s MP was dismissed. For now, that wait is coming to an end. Now let’s see how much space the Trinamool gives to Babul.

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