Babul Supriyo turns down Priyanka Tibrewal’s request for campaign in Bhabanipur Don’t advertise in Bhabanipur, Babul turns down Priyanka’s request – News18 Bangla

He has moved away from direct politics He is just continuing his work as an MP Many were shocked to see the name of Babul Supriya on the list of BJP’s star campaigners for the Bhabanipur by-election. However, Babul made it clear that he would not campaign for the BJP in Bhabanipur

In Bhabanipur, the BJP has fielded Priyanka Tibrewal against Mamata Banerjee. According to party sources, Priyanka spoke to Babul on the phone after she became a candidate The Asansol MP also congratulated the BJP candidate from Bhabanipur for the by-election. According to sources, in the middle of a phone conversation, Priyanka asked Babul to come to Bhabanipur on her behalf. But Babul made it clear that since he did not want to be involved in any party politics, he could not campaign in Bhabanipur.

At one time, Babul Supriya’s legal advisor was a lawyer by profession He also requested Babul to come to Bhabanipur for publicity on the basis of personal identity However, the MP of Asansol also returned that request

According to sources close to Babul, his name was added to the list of star preachers without the permission of Asansol MPs. Babul 7 also expressed his anger in the close quarters Incidentally, Babul Supriya was at number eight on the BJP’s list of star campaigners for Bhabanipur.

However, soon after Priyanka’s name was announced as the candidate for Bhabanipur, Babul Supriya also tweeted praising her. The Asansol MP claimed that seeing Priyanka’s strong mentality, he was the one who forced her to join the BJP. So she is happy to be a candidate in a center like Priyanka Bhabanipur

In the last assembly elections, Babul Supriya lost from Taliganj constituency. After that he was dropped from the central cabinet Within a few days, Asansol MP retired from active politics The top leaders of the party including Amit Shah also persuaded Babul to change his decision But even after that, Babul 7 remained steadfast in his decision

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